Our graduates

Anna Morvern

Languages: French, German
Location: Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland

Anna lives in Northern Ireland and has also lived in England, France, Germany and the USA. She was awarded a first-class degree in Modern Languages from Oxford University in 1998 and gained post-graduate qualifications in Human Rights and Law. Anna became a full-time freelance translator specialising in legal translation in 2012, after the birth of her second child as a single mother by choice. Anna had previously been employed as a human rights lawyer where she represented men, women and children fighting to be recognised as refugees and acted as an international trial observer for Amnesty International at the court martial of a US conscientious objector in Germany. She has written on migrant rights for the Guardian, The Institute of Race Relations and Rights NI and has taught courses as an Associate Lecturer in Law for the Open University. Anna’s love of language extends to writing poems and facilitating expressive writing workshops in the community and in prison in Northern Ireland, with a focus on creative writing for mums through her group Biromums. Anna is a member of the National Association of Writers in Education.