For MA students

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Funded by the European Commission and hosted by the University of Roehampton, Translators in Schools was piloted with Translation MA students in April and June 2014.

Day 1, covering translation activities, lesson planning and classroom management, took place on Wednesday 30 April. Day 2, on Wednesday 4 June, saw 20 of those who took part in Day 1 delivering mini workshops to visiting schoolchildren from Hillcross Primary School.

Head of Year Mike Flowers who accompanied the children described the day as “one of those professional opportunities that changes you. It opened up a whole new realm of possibilities in the classroom. It was priceless. ... The children raved about the workshop on the way back to school; they shared it with a passion and urgency that demonstrated a fundamental shift in thinking and perception.”


The day was perfectly organised and I think the size of each group was just right to help us find our feet while we were making the lesson plan live for the first time and allow for any issues we had not prepared for. The guidance was just right too, keeping us on track while freeing us to explore at our own pace

Maryline David (translator from English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic into French)

The experience was fantastic and I am really looking forward to the next stage

Eva Oddi (translator from English and Spanish into Italian)