Our graduates

Gisela Boehnisch

Languages: German, Spanish, French
Location: South East England

Gisela Boehnisch MA, MSc is a native German speaker and qualified translator based in London. She discovered early on in her studies and frequent travels that speaking other languages is a very useful skill to have and a fantastic way of connecting with people from other cultures. After gaining experience in the corporate world, the publishing industry and the NGO sector, she established a freelance translation business in the UK. Her interest in literature, filmmaking and live music has taken her to many countries around the world. She has lived and worked in vibrant cultural hubs, such as Vancouver, Sydney, Barcelona and Dublin, where she curated creative cultural events and helped run festivals. She is passionate about fostering a love of languages in children and has worked on numerous projects with children of all ages. She has always been fascinated by their spontaneity and enthusiasm, which is what drew her to become a workshop leader for the Translators in Schools programme. Gisela is available for workshops in the Greater London area as well as further afield and is keen to adapt her existing workshop for additional age groups.