Our graduates

Izzie Kaufeler

Languages: Spanish, Italian
Location: South East England

Izzie studied Spanish and Italian at Cambridge University, dividing her third year abroad between studying in Italy and working in Spain. An avid reader from an early age and having fallen in love with translation during her undergraduate studies, she went on to complete a Masters in Literary Translation at the University of East Anglia, where she was on the editorial team for the Norwich Papers translation journal.

Izzie currently works as a freelance translator with five published translations and co-translations to her name and also reads and reports for a number of publishers and for New Spanish Books. For Izzie the Translators in Schools program is the perfect opportunity to get children excited about reading, translation and foreign languages, develop their English and foreign language skills and help them discover how fun and rewarding using these skills can be.

In addition to completing her Translators in Schools training, Izzie has extensive teaching experience as a gymnastics coach working with children aged 3–16+ in clubs and schools. She also has a CELTA English language teaching qualification and has completed the Chartered Institute of Linguists’ Diploma in Translation from Spanish into English.