Our graduates

Martina Tomassini

Languages: Italian, German, French
Location: North West England

A UN officer, Oxford MA graduate and former teacher, Martina is interested primarily in communication, training and education. She has worked as a freelance translator for the past 10 years with a diverse base of clients, including premium brands, not-for-profit organisations and international bodies. Her working languages are Italian (A), English (B), German (C) and French (C).

She is what some people call a double-hyphenated translator: a passionate translator and a humanitarian worker. After starting her career in the field of translation, Martina embraced global issues and committed to making her contribution to “leaving the world a bit better”, as R.W. Emerson said. Since then, she has been switching between being a full-time translator and taking on assignments for the United Nations and non-governmental organisations as a project manager and communication specialist. Creative translation, AKA transcreation, is her speciality; Martina gives creativity central stage in all she does, including Translators in Schools workshops. She particularly enjoys working with and inspiring children, young people and women. A language enthusiast by birth and a facilitator by vocation, Martina is always hungry for ideas and inspiration. She proudly volunteers forTranslators Without Borders. When not on the road, she lives between the UK (Cheshire) and Italy (Rome), and offers workshops across the UK and the rest of Europe.