Our graduates

Paola Napolitano

Languages: Italian, Spanish
Location: South East England

After obtaining a BA in Translation and Interpreting from SSIT in Rome in 2004, Paola Napolitano worked as a freelance technical translator for various agencies in Italy. She has taught Italian in companies, as a one-to-one tutor and to refugees for her local council in Switzerland, the latter feeding into her interest in other cultures and the implications of global migration. In December 2014 she obtained a Level 3 Ascentis certificate in Community Interpreting, enabling her to work in UK public services.

She has recently started to blog for some Italian online magazine and is interested in becoming an English–Italian literary translator and running interdisciplinary workshops to inspire children and families to celebrate cultural diversity. Being part of TiS has been a unique opportunity for her to learn about working with schools and delivering engaging workshops to young people.