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Rohini Chowdhury

Languages: Hindi
Location: South East England

Rohini Chowdhury is a children’s writer and literary translator. As a children’s writer, she has more than twenty-five books and several short stories to her credit. Her published writing is in Hindi and English, and covers a wide spectrum of literary genres including translations, novels, short fiction, comics, and non-fiction. Rohini’s primary languages as a literary translator are pre-modern (Braj Bhasha and Avadhi) and modern (Khari Boli) Hindi and English. Her translations include the seventeenth century Braj Bhasha text Ardhakathanak [A Half Story], the autobiography of the Jain philosopher and spiritual leader, Banarasidas, into modern Hindi and into English, and the Hindi novel Tyagpatra [The Resignation] by Jainendra, one of the leading Hindi novelists of the modern period, into English.