Our graduates

Ulrike Nichols

Languages: German
Location: Midlands

Ulrike Nichols, PhD, MITI, is a native German speaker. She studied German and English at universities in Germany, the UK and the USA. As a postgraduate student at the University of Michigan she taught German language and literature to American undergraduates and worked as an Editorial Assistant for Michigan Germanic Studies. In 2006 she launched her career as an English–German freelance translator in the UK, specialising in medicine and law. Since 2013 she has been a tutor for Translator Training, preparing students for the Diploma in Translation examination offered by the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Because the tutoring is mainly online, she decided to join Translators in Schools for more face-to-face interaction. This allowed her to combine her background as an instructor with her passion for translation. The Translators in Schools programme took the shape of a “workshop in three stages”. After the theoretical part, Ulrike worked with children in a primary school in Leamington Spa who were wonderful partners for exploring the English language. She enjoyed this experience immensely and is looking forward to collaborations with many schools in the West Midlands.