Teaching resources

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During the final stage of the Translators in Schools training, each translator is mentored to develop and deliver a workshop in a school. The fruits of these efforts are available for you to browse on this page.

There are two sections of resources: i) session plans for complete workshops, and ii) a database of individual activities which can be used within workshops. These resources are constantly updated as new workshops and activities are submitted by participating translators and other contributors. If you have resources of your own you would be happy to add then please send us a message.

The resources in this section have been made available both to illustrate the kind of work which Translators in Schools does, and to share ideas with practitioners engaged in similar activities. While we encourage translators who have been through our training to adapt and make use of the workshops and activities described, we do not endorse such use by those who have not been specifically trained. Working in schools requires particular skills and we encourage anyone interested in getting involved in the kind of workshops outlined here to get in touch with us to find out about the latest training opportunities.


I really enjoyed the experience. The kids were very sweet and did a great job of applying themselves and having fun at the same time as having a go at translating.

Judith Sauerzapf-Christopherson (translator from English into German)